Highlights and Lowlights Starting at $80

Additional Info:

Highlights and Lowlights for Subtle yet Dramatic Change

Highlights and lowlights is one of our specialties.  Our colorist  will add a totally new dimension to your hair with the subtle strands lowlights to add depth with the perfect amount of  highlights to brighten. With a perfectionist eye for detail meshed with our love of classic styles, we will find the perfect balance of color to best suit your shape, lifestyle, and vision.

Looking for a Subtle Enhancement?

If you’re looking to not change your hair color, yet still want add a little interest to it, then partial highlights are for you. Highlights are simply brushing color into separate strands of hair creating a different shade. These colored strands are evenly placed throughout the entire head. We have any color range you can think of as well as intensity imaginable.

Highlights and Lowlights is a Science

Color is our specialty! We will formulate a process of highlight and lowlight  colors designed to maintain the health, integrity, and shine of your hair. We use J Beverly Hills natural organic hair color.  It’s created with the concoction of botanical extract that can stand alone or be intermixed to create infinite combinations.

Ombre Highlights and Lowlightshighlights and lowlights

Ombre highlighting is the process of subtly lightening the middle to the ends of the hair.  This allows for a  a seamless, and undetectable color gradation. The  hair is able to grow out gracefully and  be retouched as often as needed. Ombre highlighting is a specialty service so please schedule a complimentary consultation if you have further questions about hombre hair lightning.

Get a Free Consultation

If you’re interested in partial highlights or low lights, please be sure to schedule about an hour and 45 minutes for partial head foils. Also, add an additional 30 to 45 minutes for your hair to blow dry. There’s no additional charge for extra colors.  For full highlights, allow two hours and 15 minutes for a full head of foils. You will also want to add anadditional 30 to 45 minutes for your blow dry. There’s no extra charge for additional colors.